How to Choose the right Digital Solution Provider for your business

When your business decides to commence its digital transformation journey, an optimization project, or resolve a business need, it is key to identify a reliable solutions provider.

The following guidelines can help with the selection process.

First, you need a provider that understands your business context. Solution providers with a proper understanding of your industry and business often possess a lot of relevant experience. Key things to look out for when considering providers are:

  1. Solution provider track record.
  2. Solution provider competence and experience levels.
  3. Range of projects worked on.

Next, you must pay attention to the solution provider’s willingness to deliver solutions that are fit for you today and tomorrow. Vendors are often prone to prioritize the sale of services or solutions they have. This tendency must not be at the expense of your business needs. A similar error occurs when vendors offer solutions that work for your business in the short term but may not be suitable for your business when growth and diversification of your service lines have occurred.

At Intelbyte we ensure we mitigate against these potential gaps when we partner with clients. Our team has experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, including project management, energy, construction, logistics, inventory management, technology, safety and finance operations.

We also invest time in properly understanding your present and future needs as most of our engagements result in long-term relationships.

Intelbyte also has the capacity to deliver solutions across a range of tech stacks. The Microsoft Power Platform is one of these. This is particularly important as it affords our clients the opportunity to scale delivered solutions in step with the business.

If you are thinking of selecting the right digital solutions partner and are particular about maximizing investment value for your business, reach out to us and we will be happy to explore the opportunity with you.

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