Optimizing Shipment and Package Management Operations

When you send a package to a destination, you expect to be notified that your package is received, in transit, has arrived and is ready to be delivered or picked up – package tracking. Freight forwarders strive to provide this service to improve customer experience and to manage their delivery systems. Most people have used shippers that provided this service and expect this as a minimum condition of service.

From the freight forwarders’ end, keeping the notifications sent on schedule is an onerous task. While the big players in industry have developed systems to help with package tracking notifications, many market standard solutions are not a good fit for small and medium-scale freight forwarders.

During a discovery session with a customer, we realized how big this challenge was within the freight forwarding industry. Many freight forwarders still manually send out notifications to customers. The process typically begins by capturing customer and shipment details and manually logging them into a local database. To deliver shipment status notifications, these freight forwarders often compose and send emails, SMS or other social media application chats to customers.

What this means is – if a freight forwarder has a shipment of 5 packages, they manually have to notify 5 customers that their packages have been shipped, are in transit and are ready for delivery. This usually involves someone in the freight forwarder’s organization composing and sending a mail or chat to multiple customers. For this scenario being described, this requires a minimum of two messages to be sent per client – 10 in total. Not too much.

However, this becomes a significant burden when for instance a forwarder has 50 packages per shipment, and two shipments per week.  This freight forwarder will have to send 200 messages per week. Someone in the freight forwarders organization is spending hours resending messages, over and over again to keep customers notified.

Based on this challenge, Intelbyte developed a Shipment and Package Management Solution for freight forwarders and shippers in this class, to digitize and automate the process of managing notifying customers on the status of their packages. The standard process flow for this activity was established by engaging stakeholders. Standardization opportunities were identified and put in place. This allowed Intelbyte to develop a product that fits into a wide range of freight forwarding notification operations and was easily replicable at scale.

With this solution, Intelbyte provides freight forwarders who still manually have to send notifications to clients, the ability to send as many notifications as required, with the same effort it takes to send one notification. You can find out more about the shipment and package management solution here.

Our message remains simple. You do not have to endure non-automated processes in your business. If you begin to think that some action or process is repetitive, 90% of the time, we can guarantee that there is a solution we can deliver to digitally solve that problem and digitally transform your business.

Contact us today, and we will be happy to support you in optimising your business operations.

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