Reduce your custom app development time with the Microsoft Power Platform.

We will help you decide if PowerApps is the right tool for your business process and discuss how we can design and develop a Power Apps solution. We can build a custom business application that connects with your Office 365 data.

A highly skilled PowerApps developer from our team will guide you through the requirements-gathering process. Once requirements are gathered, we will build a Microsoft Power App that will transform your business process. Our solutions take a few weeks to create rather than months

Canvas Apps

  • Canvas apps are exactly what they sound like: PowerApps that are very similar to apps you find in an app store.
  • These apps can pull data from over 200 unique data integration sources right out of the box.
  • They are ideal for building task-based or role-based applications. 
  • These Apps can run:
    • On a mobile device or tablet
    • In the native web client
    • In MS Teams
    • Embedded in a site/portal

Model-Driven Apps

  • Model-driven apps in PowerApps are based on underlying data — specifically, the data stored in Common Data Service (CDS).
  • CDS is a secure, cloud-based storage space that organizations can use to store business application data.
  • Model-driven apps are more sophisticated than canvas apps, which makes them better suited for apps that require complex business logic.

Power Automate and Robotic Process Automation

Cloud-based and Desktop based service that helps you automate tasks and business processes, and integrate with other Microsoft technologies or third-party systems.

  • Trigger events automatically based on changes in your data sources and run automation whenever an event occurs.
  • Trigger automation manually.
  • Get systems and applications connected to each other.
  • Move Information and Data to the right person or system at the right time.